When was the last time that you visited your dentist?

Like most people, you will not be able to give an accurate answer.

You exercise thrice a week in the gym and enjoy nutritional food in your daily diet. However, you do not pay much attention regarding the quality of oral hygiene in your life. Canadian Health Measures-Survey has undertaken extensive studies which have revealed distressing facts like 96% of Canadian adults have suffered from dental cavities during some point in their lives. Another appalling fact is that 20% of Canadian adults suffer from moderate to severe periodontal problem. If you have been ignoring your oral health, you should understand that this simple mistake on your part might have serious health repercussions in the near future. A simple strategy here would be to visit a dentist once in every six months and follow simple oral hygiene guide which has been explained below.

Learning how to brush properly

You brush your teeth twice daily. But are you using the right technique. Brushing is the simplest method to clean your pearly whites and make them sparkle like a diamond. Dental experts would recommend you to locate your bristles near the gum area and place it around forty five degree angle. When you are brushing with the bristles, the surface of your tooth and the gum should be in constant contact. Also, while you are brushing the outer surface of your tooth or gum, you should be gentle and use simple motions like up and down or back-and forth. You should never apply pressure. Otherwise your sensitive gums might start bleeding. In the end, clean the surface of the tongue using a tongue cleaner and also do not forget to clean the roof area of your mouth. When you cannot brush, you should wash your mouth rigorously with a good mouth wash after eating your meals.


Nowadays, like most people you have such a hectic morning schedule, that you often rush out to work and forget to brush your beautiful ivories. But you do want to remove the food particles which have been deposited between your tooth and this could lead to bad breath. An easy solution here is to undertake regular flossing. Flossing is a procedure using which you can remove food particles from the innermost area of your teeth. Initially you might be a little intimidated, but by learning the basic method you can floss your teeth easily.

Stop using Tobacco

If you have tobacco stains in your teeth, people would cringe while speaking to you. If you have been chewing tobacco or smoking daily, you should give it up. Regular use of tobacco would lead to various gum diseases and even oral cancer. Therefore do yourself a big favor and abstain from using tobacco. The first few days would be difficult, but with determination you can achieve it.

Reduce your daily intake of Coffee, Soda and Alcohol

When you consume a large amount of coffee, soda or alcohol daily, you are at risk to reduce the level of calcium in your body. This is due to the fact that these beverages contain high percentage of phosphorus and this would lead to the development of frequent tooth decay and gum disease. Another factor to understand here is that when your beverages contain additives like food dye or corn syrup, your teeth would look dull. Therefore, reduce your daily beverage consumption and switch to drinking fresh fruit juices or milk.

Eat food rich in Calcium and Vitamins

To keep your pearly whites healthy, you should consume foods which are rich in calcium and vitamins. Common food rich in calcium are broccoli, orange juice, milk and yoghurt. Here you can seek the advice of your doctor and also have a calcium supplement too. Vitamins like Vitamin D and Vitamin-B complex are also needed to maintain the good health of your teeth and gums. Other minerals which should be added in your daily diet are copper, iron, iodine, zinc and potassium.

Visit your dentist every six months

Most people hate visiting a dentist and would only do so when they have a terrible tooth ache or some gum problem. However, it is essential that you visit your dentist once every six months and take up an examination which would help you to determine the current condition of your oral health. If you have any problems, they would be fixed right away.

All the oral care guidelines explained above are very simple to follow and do not require much effort. When you follow them seriously, you could enjoy good oral health and dazzle everyone with your beautiful smile.