STOP Being Self-conscious: Get Rid Of Your Bad Breath Easily

Do you feel isolated because you suffer from bad breath?

Have you noticed that your colleagues and friends maintain a safe distance when speaking to you?

Well, all these actions would make you self conscious. You have tried to solve this problem using many advice's, but you have failed and this has made you quite frustrated. However, all is not lost and you can start enjoying a good social life once again. Here you have to simply arm yourself with the right knowledge and this would help you to get rid of your bad breath in no time.

Why do you have bad breath?

The medical term for bad breath is chronic halitosis. The first step to get rid of this problem is to understand why you are suffering from it. If you have been suffering from chronic gum or cavity problem, you would suffer from bad breath. Another reason for developing bad breath would be if you are suffering bronchitis, diabetes and infections in the respiratory tract. Here you could visit your doctor and discuss the solution which is available. However, one of the most common cases of bad breath lies in the simple fact that you do not follow a healthy oral hygiene.

How do you remove bad breath?

Removing foul smell from your mouth is not difficult. You can achieve it by following few of the tips discussed below. These are:

  • Brushing your teeth twice daily: You might be busy, but you need to take out some time for basic oral and personal hygiene regimes. You must brush your teeth with good toothpaste twice daily. This would ensure that the food particles deposited between your teeth would be removed immediately. If you have high level of acidity in your mouth area, you can brush your beautiful ivories with a pinch of baking soda. The usage of baking soda would prevent any bacteria from growing in your mouth.
  • Floss once daily: When you are chewing your food while eating your meals, food particles can be deposited in the innermost area of your mouth and this cannot be removed by just brushing. Dental experts recommend the usage of flossing which would remove food particles from the innermost area of your mouth. Once the residue food particles are removed, your mouth would be free from bad breath.
  • Use a tongue scraper: When you eat your meals, you would notice that over a few days there would be a coating formation in the outer surface of the tongue. A good decision here would be to use a tongue scraper and remove the coating from the tongue, after you have completed brushing your pearly whites.
  • Rinse your mouth with a good mouth wash: If you have to attend an important meeting and have just consumed strong smelling food, it would be a good idea to rinse your mouth with a strong mouthwash. Otherwise you can also enjoy a fresh cup of green tea. Studies have revealed that consuming a cup of green tea would minimize the growth of bacteria in the mouth area and thus remove bad breath.
  • Abstain from smoking and using any other tobacco products: If you are a chain smoker or chew tobacco products, you know you suffer from bad breath. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you have to make plans to quit smoking and also abstain from using any tobacco products. Once this is done, you will not suffer from bad breath.
  • Daily drink eight glasses of water: How much water do you drink daily? It is essential that you drink your eight glasses of water daily and this would prevent your mouth from getting dry. Also when you drink water, rinse your mouth well and this would remove any food particles which might have been caught between your teeth.
  • Snack on fresh vegetables: When you are feeling hungry between meals munch on a carrot stick or fresh fruits. The saliva created during the munching time would remove any bacteria which might have been resident in your mouth. Consuming fresh parsley during meals is also a great way to remove bad breath in your mouth.

In conclusion it can be added that if you are facing a chronic condition of bad breath, it would be advisable to contact your dentist at the earliest. Your dentist would offer you accurate medical advice regarding how you can reduce bad breath and also might recommend certain professional procedures. Remember, you have the power to solve your bad breath problem and usher in a great social life for yourself. Therefore take the first step now and make your bad breath problem a thing of the past.