Root Canal Therapy Saves the Day

Despite being aware of root canal therapy, I never saw myself going for the procedure. I mean, wasn’t the procedure too painful, and wasn’t it better to get the tooth extracted once and for all?

What started as a small chip on the tooth soon became a nightmare, and I had lost count of the many nights I had lost sleep due to intense pain. In fact, I always safeguarded myself by taking very strong killers before retiring to bed. However, the pain seemed to get worse over time or the painkillers were becoming less-effective.

It all started when I accidentally bit on a small grain of sand that had found its way into the food. I didn’t realize that this had made the tooth develop some tiny crack which was getting bigger over time. Nonetheless, I had discovered a way of removing the food particles that were getting lodged inside the tiny crevice. I simply had to use a toothpick to remove the food remnants after having a meal.

Little did I know that my "Smart" action was actually causing more harm than good? Sooner the tooth became more sensitive, too cold and hot things and I would experience excruciating pain when certain foods and drinks penetrated inside the hole. In some cases, one side of the jaw would swell and I would also get headaches.

Though I had heard and knew of people who had gone for root canal therapy. I never saw myself going for this procedure. Firstly, it was a painful procedure and I wasn’t ready to experience it. I mean, my trusty painkillers would come handy, right? Secondly, extracting the tooth was not only cheaper but also guaranteed instant results. And once the tooth was out, there was no way I would develop tooth decay, holes, or cracks. Thirdly, the procedure put my tooth at a higher risk of getting infected by bacteria due to the gap/hole that would be left behind. These were some of the reasons that stopped me from going for the procedure.

However, it's only after researching on the treatment and advice from friends that I realized that all the above issues was misconceptions. As a matter of fact, the treatment was much safer and less painful than I thought. I also came to learn that root canal therapy had a success rate of 95%. After lots of convincing from my friends, I decided to go for the procedure with Southwest Family Dentistry which I was told would only take a short time.

I would be lying to say that I wasn't scared when I entered the dentist's office. I also wasn't really prepared to lose another tooth as I had already extracted three teeth. But this time round I chose to save the tooth.

After thoroughly examining the tooth, I was confirmed my worst fears- the pulp was already infected and this is why I was experiencing pain quite often. He however assured me that there was no cause for alarm as the therapy would get rid of the bacteria and leave the chamber clean and sterilized.

The dentist explained that the pulp chamber is what houses the connective tissues, nerves and blood vessels. The nerves are what give the tooth its sensitivity. However, once the teeth have popped out from the gums, the region is no longer necessary. When it gets infected or inflamed via a chip, crack or hole, it becomes painful.

The dentist started by washing my mouth and then used anesthetics to numb any feeling or pain. The next step involved removing the pulp chamber using specialized equipment. Thereafter, the tooth was finally rinsed with special agents and the pulp chamber was temporarily protected using an impermanent filling. I was asked to return after two weeks so as to check the progress and complete the process.

In the following two weeks, I was asked to steer clear of very hot or cold things and avoid messing with the tooth. During the next visit, the dentist filled the hole that had been left behind with special filler. And to protect the enamel against normal tear and wear, I had a crown fitted on the tooth. The root canal therapy was much easier and simpler than I had thought and now can enjoy my food and uninterrupted sleep.