A Child’s Oral Hygiene: What should you do as a parent?

57% of Canadian kids aged 6 to 11 years suffer from tooth cavity. Another shocking fact was that healthy drinks consumed by young children have high level of sugar and this could start the onset of tooth decay. Therefore, as a parent you should be aware and take utmost care of your child’s teeth from the time when the first baby tooth appears. It is also essential to understand that maintaining a good oral hygiene for your child is not a costly affair and you could educate your children by following the simple rules explained below.

Teaching your child good habits

When you are a parent, you should not take oral hygiene lightly by thinking that the child’s primary teeth would be soon replaced by adult pearly whites. It is essential that from the very beginning, you teach him the importance of brushing his primary-teeth twice daily and also to rinse his mouth well after every meal. Educating your child with these basic principles would make him enjoy good dental conditions throughout his life. Once he understands this, he would also develop good personal habits too. This would be great for you as a parent and your child too.

Help him to prevent suffering from pain

When you teach your child to brush his teeth twice daily with good fluoride toothpaste, you are preventing him from suffering any pain which would have occurred if he developed a tooth cavity. The presence of cavities in your child’s tooth would make him experience extreme pain and this would also stop him from doing his regular daily activities like playing out with his friends. This pain would also make him irritated and he would also not be able to study properly. Therefore, you as a parent can take him to the dentist for a regular check up and also teach him habits which would minimize the onset of tooth cavities in his teeth. It is mandatory that you monitor how often he has candies and regular sugary drinks, which might harm his dental conditions. Here you can set a good example and he would follow you soon.

Introduce some fun and innovation into your child’s oral hygiene regime

Do you struggle to get your child to brush his beautiful ivories, every morning? Well, you can introduce some fun and innovation into this routine. Here you can gift your child a brightly colored toothbrush with his favorite cartoon character in it like Gummy Bears or Sponge Bob. As a parent you also have to understand that most children hate the taste of ordinary fluoride toothpaste. Thus, you can introduce him to a fruity flavored toothpaste and then you’re young kid would love brushing his teeth after every meal.

Educate your child

One of the best ways to encourage children to cultivate good oral hygiene habits is to educate them. It is essential that you watch fun educational videos with them which would help them to understand the importance of maintaining good oral care in their life. You would be surprised that after watching these videos, your child would become more serious about taking care of his pearly whites in no time.

Develop a nutritional diet for your child

If you want your child to have strong pearly whites, you have to develop a diet which would make his teeth strong and healthy. Most parents fail to understand this fact. You can consult a dentist, who would advise you to introduce large amount of green vegetables, fresh fruits and milk into his daily diet. He would further recommend that the plate of a child during every meal should be filled half with fresh fruits and vegetables. Green vegetables like broccoli are rich in calcium and fruits are loaded with vitamin C which is good for dental health. Instead of giving him starchy chips out of a packet, you can give him celery and baby carrots sticks. To convince them you can use cheesy dips and this would help them to enjoy healthy snacks easily.

Another step which you should take when buying your daily grocery items like pasta sauce and health drinks is by checking the sugar content in them. When reading through the ingredient lists, you would be surprised at the high percentage of sugar present in them. The best solution here is to do away with processed sauces and create your own home sauces from fresh vegetables once a week.

Once you as a parent start following these amazing rules, you would no longer have to worry about your child’s oral hygiene. Soon you would become an exemplary example and other parents would commend you when your child shows off his great oral hygiene habits.